IBLS 2000 - Train Mountain (Part I)

August 26, 2000

These photos were taken during the International Brotherhood of Live Steamers meet at Train Mountain Railroad Museum in Chiloquin, OR. TMR is the largest facility of its type in the world with over 75000' of 7.5" gauge track. For more information about TMR please see www.trainmountain.org.

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Lee Tillotson's Climax
This beauty is 'Tasha'
a 2 1/2" scale 'Lil Lima
owned by Doug Wilkinson
Another 2 1/2" scale loco,
Pacific Coast #6
a 4-4-0 wood burner
on the steaming bay
A McKeen motor car
from the Virginia & Truckee
4-6-0 #26 from the
Virginia & Truckee
steaming up.
'Kenosha' waiting patiently
on a tail track off the
Ellingson Turntable
I'm not sure what this is
but it's among the
smallest present!
A nice two-cylinder
t-boilered shay
Jim Buchannon brought along
this Climax locomotive
A beautiful model of
Central Pacific #173 heads
onto the turntable
A closer look at CP #173
A mogul fresh from the shops
of Roll Models, Inc.
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These photos were taken with a Kodak DC-280 Digital Camera. The original images were captured in 'high resolution' mode (1760x1168) and stored as 'best' quality .JPG files. The images were then transfered to a PC where they were cropped and then saved as 200x150 .JPG images. The linked pictures were saved as 640x480 .JPG images.