Railfair 1999 - Sacramento, CA

My visit on June 24, 1999

This was my second visit to a Railfair.  The first Railfair at the California State Railroad
Museum was held at the museum's opening in 1981.  I attended the second incarnation
of the event in 1991.  The third Railfair scheduled for 2001 was moved up to coincide
with the State of California's sesquicentennial celebration (150th anniversary of statehood).

Much of the equipment on display would not have been present were it not for the
generosity of the Union Pacific Railroad which facilitated the arrival of many of the

The photos below provide a brief glimpse of the complete event.  I encourage you to
attend the next Railfair!

(Click on a small picture to download a larger image)
Southern Pacific 2467 appeared at Railfair for the first time.
This 4-6-2 was recently restored to operating condition by
the Pacific Locomotive Association.  She is a sister to SP2472
which was at the 1991 Railfair.
This is the Union Pacific Challenger 3985 in a 'No Parking'
zone.  This 4-6-6-4 is the largest operating steam locomotive
in the world.  It was to pull an excursion up the Feather River
Canyon but that was cancelled after the mishap with UP844.
Thomas the Tank Engine.  Is is steam powered?  Curtesy
of the National Railway Museum, Green Bay, Wisconsin.
A big hit with the kids...  where's Ringo?
The business end of a calliope.  Well, actually the middle. 
The performer sits to the left and the steam supply is to
the right.  See below for another view...
One of several Fairmont speeders on display.
Amtrak F59PHI (1998 EMD) 
Southern Pacific 4449 (Daylight) owned by the City of
Portland, OR.  Perhaps the world's most beautiful locomotive.
An interesting building across the river from 'Old Sacramento'
I have no idea what it is...
Sandstone Crag 0-4-2T Deanne (1891 Baldwin) owned by
George Thagard.  This locomotive is very similiar to 'Kahuku'
at Roaring Camp (elsewhere on this web site)
This is Gwen, an 18" gauge Hunslet built in 1920.  
"Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue" pours out of the calliope.
A little dissapointing in that I spied an extension cord running
from the Calliope to a nearby electrical outlet.  Apparently
the whistle valves are operated by solenoids.  This gives the
instrument an uncharacteristically light touch...
On Thursday just before noon, UP 4-8-4 844 apparently
blew a boiler tube.  A large plume of steam shot up from 
the smokebox and steam came out many places it normally
wouldn't.  This locomotive will be towed dead back to
Cheyenne, Wyoming for repairs.  I was standing just under
the 'U' on the tender when the incident occurred.
This is what everything in front of UP844 looked like after
the tube blew.  This sign was perhaps 100yds in front of
844 at the time of the incident.  I overheard a spectator
lamenting his brand new $150 white tennis shoes...  which
are now 'speckled' with oily soot.
The Governor Stanford in the Museum.
The business end (middle) of Southern Pacific 4294 on
display in the museum.  This is a 4-8-8-2 cab forward.
Crosshead and lead driver on Deanna
Deanna's Running gear
An engineer waiting to run his locotive on stage.  This is
WP 2001 from the Feather River Rail Society in Portola,
CA home of the 'Rent a Locomotive' program.
Sierra Railway #28, one of the most photographed 
locomotives in the world having appeared in many motion 
pictures.  Currently stationed at Jamestown, CA.
Sacramento Northern 402 diesel switcher.
Southern Pacific GP-9 No. 5623 (1955 EMD)
Air pump and dome on Eureka, a beautiful 3' gauge 4-4-0.
Southern Pacific combine No. 1010 restored by the SPCRR
(Society for the Preservation of Carter Railroad Resources).
This groups operates a horse drawn railway at Ardenwood
Park in Newark, CA.
The backhead of 'Deanna'.