Recordings of the Gundlach Organ in MP3 format

Recorded 12/26/03

Three Manual Console

One of the joys of having a residence pipe organ is being able to
wander into the music room at any point, throw the switch, and sit
down and play. Unfortunately, to date my skill as an organist is
severely lacking, so much so that I doubt anyone other than myself
wants to listen to me play.

Fortunately, with a MIDI controlled pipe organ a sequencer can
substitute for my own ineptitude! Presented here for your enjoyment
are a few recordings made on the Gundlach Organ in its original state.
(It's amazing what you can do with two ranks of pipes!)

Lame MP3 Encoder, VBR Min 192kbps, Max 320Kbps

These files were recorded with a Sony PCM-M1 DAT Walkman
fed by microphones from Core Sound and then transfered via SPDIF
to an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI interface. The resulting data was
processed using Sound Forge XP and then converted to MP3 files using
the LAME encoder. There are a couple of 'glitches' here and there that
I need to investigate that were introduced during the coversion to MP3.
Yes, the files are large. I also need to experiment with lower quality
settings to see the effect on file size.

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