John & Lee's Excellent Adventure (Part II)

April, 1999

After a lengthy delay (Lee had to buy a house and move on short notice)
the adventure continues. This set of pictures documents the engine being

(Click on a small picture to download a larger image)
The engine starting to come out.
The engine finally free of its prison.
Shot of engine bay sans engine.
First indication of stress to the bottom end of 
Things look remarkably clean.  After 10 years most
of the oil has drained off...
View of oil pan.  Hmm, that oil looks a little 
Kibbles 'n Bits of piston...
A real 3-d jigsaw puzzle!...
What's left of the piston.
Lucas Starter
Clockwise from top:
Oil filter adapter, flywheel mounting bolts,
engine mount, distributor, water pump.
Underside of the oil pan baffle.  Note the hole 
above and to the right of the mounting hole.  
Definitely not stock...
Inside view of bulge in oil pan. A chunk of piston
must have got caught between the wall of the pan 
and the crankshaft.
Outside view of bulge in oil pan.

Stay tuned for further adventures in the series.  After some disassembly it's off to the
machine shop for the engine...

Thanks for tuning in.