John & Lee's Excellent Adventure (Part I)

June, 1998

In June of 1998, John & Lee acquired this beautiful 1966 E-type Jaguar.
The PO assured them that it didn't run.  This didn't seem to faze them,
money changed hands, and the adventure began...

(Click on a small picture to download a larger image)
The car sitting in the PO's (Previous Owner) carport. 
Note the hand lettered price tag courtesy of the PO's 
son.  If only the price were accurate. ($100)
Front view of car in PO's driveway.  Yes, the car is 
missing some trim.
Left quarter view in PO's driveway.  Jump in and let's 
go for a spin! (Wishful thinking at this point)
Another front view in the PO's driveway.
After a trip to the garage (an adventure in itself), a 
quick bath, and after the bonnet (hood for you 
yankee types) was removed.  (That's a Fiat Dino 
Spyder in the background)
Radiator area.
Radiator viewed from driver's side.
Front left quarter view of engine compartment sans 
bonnet.  Excellent access to all the bits.
View of triple dual-Weber carbs.
The plugs were pulled (left to right, cyl. 6 to cyl 1).
Plugs 3, 2, and 1.  Kinda dirty...
Plugs 6, 5, and 4.  Hmmm...  Looks like something 
may have happened to number 6...
View of timing chain tensioner.
Left quarter view with cam covers removed.
Cylinder head with intake manifold and Webers still 
attached.  Intake manifold does not want to part from 
the head.
Another view of the head.  Hmmm.... that cylinder 
on the right (number 6) looks a little stange...
Another view of the head (and that pesky manifold).
Closeup of 5 and 6, 5 being normal and 6 being, well, 
abnormal (where's the exhaust valve?)
All 6 cylinders.  Wait! Where's the piston in #6?
Closer view of block (cyls 4, 5, and 6)
Closeup of cylinder 6. That's the gudgeon pin and the 
end of the connecting rod.
Closeup of cylinder 6.

Stay tuned for part two where our intrepid adventurers remove the engine and
figure out what to do next.