Portola Valley & Alpine Railroad

Memorial Weekend, May 24, 1998

(Click on a small picture to download a larger image)
Henry with his double-headed Invictas
Close-up of lead Invicta
View leading toward Car Barn.  Note the three way stub switch.
Carl's Beautiful Mogul (2-6-0)
Close-up of pump on Mogul
Side view of Mogul
Rear Invicta
Cab view of Mogul
The 'other' side of the Mogul
View of San Francisco Bay
Scale three aspect signal
Through girder bridge
Another small bridge
Impressive multiple span bridge (through truss?)
West Valley Electric in the engine house
Tom's Lil' Gasser
Engineer admiring Mogul and train
Another shot of Henry and his train
Nice PV&A Interurban
Front view of Interurban
General view of area
View across lake
Freelanced ballast tipple
Tank garage!!!